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Guided Walking Tours of Krakow

KrakowHomes in cooperation with licensed Tour Guide Dennis McEvoy offers walking tours or  one-day trips to interesting places. This is the "Poland in a nutshell", the best sights which you can choose from. See the old capital Krakow, the Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial, Czestochowa Monastery, the beautiful Tatra Mountains, and the world-famous salt mines in Wieliczka.  Tours can be combined and tailored to your need and interests.

Your Krakow Tour Guide

KrakowHomes highly recommends Guided Tours of  Dennis  McEvoy

Numerous clients have expressed their enthusiaism about the quality and character of the walking tours. We have no hesitation in recommending the passonate and non standard approach of Dennis McEvoy.

www.tourcracow.com | +48 500 807 358 |

email: dennis@tourcracow.com

Dennis McEvoy - I am a licensed Krakow city guide, translator, and an enthusiastic promoter of Krakow's history, culture, architecture, and lore. It is my goal to reveal to travelers from around the world the secrets hidden in the architectural and cultural fabric of Krakow's urban landscape. I have translated numerous books about Krakow and the region and was selected to be the guide and translator for Prince Charles' visit to Krakow in 2008. (Strange but true...) 

Introduction to Krakow

A walking tour of the Old Town where we will visit the most essential places and monuments to get you acquainted with Krakow's rich history and cultural heritage. We'll walk and talk our way around the Main Market Square, St. Mary's Church, the Jagiellonian University, and the Old City Walls, Florianska Gate, and Barbakan. Tour lasts 11/2- 2 hrs. Price: 1-3 persons 100zl, 4-6 persons 120zl, more than 6 persons 150zl.

In-depth Old Town tour

We'll explore in-depth the streets, squares, and monuments of the Old town and Wawel Hill. We'll walk and talk are way around the Main Square, St. Mary's church, St. Anne's church, the Jageillonian University, the Old City Walls and Gate, the Dominican Cloisters, the Planty Park, and the Wawel Cathedral and Castle. Plus we'll take a break at one of Krakow's atmospheric cafes or underground cellars. Tours lasts 3 1/2 hours. Price: 1-3 persons 150zl, 4-6 persons 180zl, 6 or more persons 200zl

Mystery surprise tour

I can't tell you what we'll see on this tour, but I can guarantee some interesting surprises and things you won't find in guide books. If you're adventurous then this the tour for you. Will we visit a secret crypt?, or see some martyr's blood? Well, I can't tell you! You have to join the tour to find out...

| Tour lasts approx. 2hrs | Price 1-3 persons 120zl, 4-6 persons 150zl, more than 6 persons 180zl.

Culinary walking tour

Sick and tired of museums and monuments? Well give your mind a rest and indulge your taste buds. On this tour we'll sample some traditional Polish foods. And for the more daring, some flavored Polish vodka! Sample Polish dumplings, smoked sheep's cheese, kielbasa, the Papal cream cake or Krakow cheese cake, homemade ice cream (May-Oct), and other specialties.

| Tour lasts approx. 2 1/2 hours.| Minimum 4 persons | Price 80zl per person | includes: food and one shot of vodka (or another beverage for the less adventurous) |

Kazimierz (Former Jewish Neighborhood)

A walking tour that explores the old Jewish neighborhood where 7 synagogues have been preserved along with two historic Jewish cemeteries. We'll explore places associated with the local Jewish community, past and present, plus locations from the film Schindler's List. We'll also visit the monumental Corpus Christ church, one of the most impressive Gothic churches in all of Poland. Tour lasts 2 hours. Price 1-3 persons 120zl, 4-6 persons 150zl, more than 6 persons 180zl.

Schindler's List and Wartime Ghetto tour

A walking tour of Jewish Kazimierz, places associated with the filming of Schindler's List and events from WWII. We'll visit the one active synagogue and its historic cemetery, Schindler's Factory, the Ghetto square and the preserved section of the Ghetto walls. Tour lasts 2 hours. Price 1-3 persons 120zl, 4-6 persons 150zl, more than 6 persons 180zl.

Architectural Walking Tours of Krakow

Explore the history, architecture, and culture of Krakow as we walk and talk our way around the streets and squares of the city. Krakow's rich history and exceptional architectural heritage are filled with enough secrets and mysteries to fascinate even the most seasoned traveler. And explore the city with a local expert who will go the extra mile to make sure you have a great time in Krakow. Tours last 2- 21/2 hours. Prices: for groups of up to 3 persons: 120zl. 4-6 persons: 150zl. More than 6 persons: 200zl.

Krakow Old Town

A cross section of Krakow's architectural history, from Romanesque through eclectic early 20th century buildings. Medieval fortifications, Gothic churches and cloisters, Baroque masterpieces, and Art Nouveau design.


Jewish and Christian monuments stand side by side. From splendidly preserved Gothic churches, a Medieval synagogue and 16th century Jewish cemetery, to a Baroque shrine housing a national pantheon and the blood of a martyr.

Off the Beaten Track

Outside the Old Town, Krakow is more than just the main square, there are wonderful monuments and buildings within a 1 km radius of the Old Town. You can explore impressive Baroque churches and eclectic 19th century residences and monuments that most visitors never see.

On the walks we will visit a sample of the most significant monuments as well as places off-the-beaten path. It is possible to combine the above tours into longer walks and to customize tours to suit your interests and time schedule.

In an involving and entertaining way I aim to illustrate and decipher Krakow's long, turbulent history. The walks are designed to give visitors an understanding and appreciation of Krakow's long, rich history through the use of numerous historic photographs, illustrations, legends, anecdotes, and odd facts.

we can also arrange for you the following trips:

Tatra Mountains
Auschwitz Tour
Salt Mine Tour
Dunajec river gorge + Nidzica Castle

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