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General Description

Air-conditioned throughout, spacious, superbly furnished and equipped to the highest standards three room apartment with basement car park area within short walking distance from the market square - the heart of Krakow. In the center, yet with all windows overlooking a secluded private 80sq meters garden/terrace accessible through an enormous French Window. Interior architect brought unique character to all the rooms of the superb apartment.


Our hall does not fall under the category of wasted space, a linking passage between the rooms but constitutes an integral and unique part of the apartment and thus is a room in itself. On entering the apartment’s wide hall, a curved wall encouragingly sucks you into a comfortable table area designed to mark the beginning of a an ever-present sitting room.

Living room overlooks a large garden / terrace

Air-conditioned, South-facing, spacious room highlighted by strikingly large French window exposing an enormous garden/terrace blending with the sitting room and thus highlighting the presence of the ever-present space. With access to our private garden/terrace, the location of the leisure part can be shifted outdoors or indoors, according to our guests’ needs or pleasures.
If you choose lazing on the garden/terrace on a hot summer day, the nearby trees housing birds you can hear at dawn will naturally subdue the blaze of scorching sun making it a pleasure to goof off in their shade. If you feel like an evening barbecue, the very same garden will be a perfect breeding ground for socializing. As for the indoors, you will be mesmerized by a combination of Spanish vanilla-colored tiles, bamboo flooring or wooden design embedded in the wall, which all give the room a feeling of overwhelming brightness with a touch of exotism - Should you want to skip an evening in the old town, open your huge double pull-out bed and specially designed lighting system will calm you down accompanying your choice of CD collections.

South-facing Kitchen

Comfort and pleasant atmosphere in one. Air-conditioned, spacious, with room for cooking and dining, with a large window overlooking our garden/terrace. Orientation of devices and all appliances was not left to coincidence but was carefully planned so that the morning breakfast does not require a lot of walking. The kitchen is visually clean as all tiny appliances are out of sight but ready for use – It’s enough to lift a sliding cover to realize that a juicer, a toaster, an electric kettle, a coffee-maker, a microwave wait to be used in comfort. Two entrances of the kitchen were designed to add more space as well as to improve communication between the large table in the sitting room for guests coming in larger groups. It is furnished and equipped to the highest standard allowing self-catering in complete comfort.

West-facing bedroom / study

Air-conditioned, with a large window overlooking a green and quiet area. Interior designer took into consideration those holidaymakers having to combine their holiday with a bit of work thus the room is divided into leisure and study sections. On entering the leisure section you will be struck by a chessboard embedded in the wooden floor and a lit up display of hand-made to order, enormous chess figures. Surrounded by comfortable armchairs, a pull-out single bed and a double pull-out sofa, the chessboard may be a perfect gathering place for friends / families.

West-facing bedroom

Air-conditioned, with a large window overlooking secluded, trees-covered area. With this view and the sound of birds singing at dawn, the waking-up time is a pleasant start. When the night comes, the lit-up bottom of the King bed visually suspends it in the air over the wooden bamboo floor and thus warmly invites you to keep floating. It offers practical solutions such as easily accessible spot lights on each side of the bed allowing for non intrusive privacy of a late night reader or a huge wardrobe. Equipped with what is practical as well as with what brings visual sensations, you make a choice of how to spend the night. Read or not to read? That is the question.

The bathroom

The underlying architect’s idea was to make the bathroom easy to keep clean and extremely comfortable. As you open the door, a strip of exotic wood embedded in bright Spanish tiles, goes forward, climbs the wall and goes back over you head making you stand in a circle of wood. This was a conscious move not only to make barefoot walking pleasant but also to enlarge the space. As always, nothing was a random choice – even the shower frame, toilet and bidet’s shapes were chosen with care - they all have no grooves for dirt accumulation! So go ahead and relax your muscles using our shower hydromassage panel and then stay in the bathroom for some time - Floor heating system has an encouraging effect.

A few features concerning your security

Although Krakow is generally considered to be a safe city, the apartment is located in particularly risk-free neighborhood. Yet, for the comfort of the guests in this luxurious apartment, we decided to do something more.

  • to take care of your security we installed aluminum folding shutters – no need to spoil the view by obtrusive bars behind the window so it’s enough to click and high quality shutters go down when you wish their company.
  • Although your car will be parked in the secured basement just below your floor, an alarm signal will inform you of unwelcome guests approaching your car (should this unlikely thing happen) – then, it’s enough to turn on the TV connected to the garage camera, and have a look at the area around the car.
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